Monday, October 20, 2014


So the olive cures I have involve some ingredients that are recipes into themselves. One is grape must, and the other is oxymel. Grape must is the grapes as they are usually prepared for winemaking, that is, crushed. So I made two, with the two different grape varieties immediately available, red seedless and concord. Neither of these is really right, but it's close. These still have the skins and seeds all in them.

The oxymel is vinegar and honey. Dioscordes recommends 5 k vinegar, 1 k water, 1 lb salt and 10 lb honey. I wanted about enough for a qt so I divided that by 15. I used Braggs apple cider vinegar and raw honey from Dale B Hills Apiaries as they are both unfiltered.

So with my sub-recipes complete I'm getting ready to tackle the main...

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