Monday, April 16, 2012


The Seed Savers Exchange is a phenomenal group of which I am a non-listed member.  While I hope to change that member status soon, that is a tale for a different time.  Through them I have found seeds of Rampion and Skirrets!!  Big huge thank-yous to Sourcepoint Seeds in Hotchkiss, CO! 

The rampion seeds are so tiny!

The skirrets look almost like caraway seeds to me.

I also found a stock of seeds in a drawer that never got put away properly.  These are Charentais melon, Tangerine, Pumpkin, Gerri Watermelon, Vintage Wine tomato, Cherokee Black tomato, Parsley from the windowbox in the livingroom, harvested feb 2012, and Cellar Window allium, which i found growing by my cellar window last year. 

sown today:
Flat 12-5
A  Parsley
B  Rampoin
C  Skirrets
D  Skirrets
Flat 12-6
A  Cellar Window Allium
B  Cherokee Black tomato
C  Vintage Wine tomato

There are sprouts of collards, peas, and two others from flat 12-4 that I've lost my notes on.  Flats 12-1 and 12-3 still have nothing.


We went to a medieval festival at Drew University this weekend passed, and upon our return took some photos
The apple tree has many blossoms, I hope to actually get an apple off it this year.

Above, the iris are doing well, behind them the peony is coming up

By the Cross is a new lily, and tulips.  There are also flag here, and daylilies and wild allium

This pot of Rue went to Mudthaw, and now the hearb-o-grace graces our front walk.  For now.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Cloisters

their daffodils look just like the ones in the tapestries.  I wonder what variety this is, and where they got them from.

Even the outside is beautiful.  Ft Tryon park is exceptionally hilly though, so we didn't get too far.

The beautiful Bonnefont cloister with it's wonderful garden.  This is where I proposed to my lady wife.

Resetting of the brick paths in the Trie cloister.  I do like the doubled columns, which are all of different colored stone


So this is what I have left over from previous seasons, some of it saved, some purchased.  (in the order they are jammed into the box)

white sage (not medieval)
yellow scallop squash
collards - set out today in flat 12-2A
calendula - not really, the blasted envelope is empty!
chard, rhubarb - set out today in flat 12-1C
beet, crapaudine - set out today in flat 12-2B+C
spinach, bloomsdale
chard, fordhook
chard, vulcan - set out today in flat 12-1D
beet chioggia - set out today in flat 12-2D The seed capsules for this beet are much smaller than the crapaudine, or even the chards, to which beet is related.
carrot, dragon
carrot, lunar white
pea, green arrow
lettuce, tennis ball
melon, charentais (saved)
acorn squash, nivison
black currant - set out today in flat 12-1A
lavender - set out today in flat 12-1B
unknown ornamental grass
unknown flower A
unknown flower B
morning glory blue
morning glory purple
unknown flower 2008
unknown flower lucy
johnny jump up
love in a mist

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Cloisters

Many of you know I follow The Medieval Garden Enclosed  well today my lady and I took a trip into the big city.  We arrived shortly after opening, about 9:45 and were the fourth car in the lot.  One of the cloisters is undergoing renovation of the central area, I don't mind at all I like to see the inner workings of such a marvelous place.  And all of the structure there, and the columns are my favorite.  The Cloisters is such a wonderful museum!  I will post some pictures soon, as well as updates from my garden.