Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clay progress

So some of the jugs had cleared so the clear water was poured off. Of the black, there is a very runny puddle of mud, and a ball.

Today I mined from three places. Site A was farthest upstream. The bank there had been eroded oddly, and while the stuff didn't feel very clay like it was holding up against the water so I grabbed some to try it. Mixed with water and pulverized it came off very sandy, but also made an orange mud, which will be left to settle.

Site B was above the waterline, and was that gray/black stuff that was a bit slippery. So that goes into the tub. Then a bunch of water is added and the whole thing mixed up good. You want to beeak up all the lumps. Then the slurry is poured through a screen into another container, and everything that doesn't get through the screen is discarded. The slurry is then left to settle out, the clear water can be poured off.

Site C was stumbled upon, quite literally. Climbing up out of the river I slipped on some slick earth. I shoved my fingers Ito it and it was slippery and smooth so I pulled up a bunch of it. It is full of organic matter, leaves and so forth.

In the time it took to process B and C, A has already begun to settle out...

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