Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going to Pennsic

Balm, or Melissa officinalis

strawberry, and pot marigold, called calendula



rosemary and sage

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain, and War

Last week we finally had a good soaking rain, which has not occurred in quite some time, so I haven't had to water the garned in a few days now.  I porbably should have tonight, but I was getting plants ready to take to the Pennsic War and thought it would be nice to photograph each of them in their new pots.  But, i came to get the camera, took one pic and ran out of battery.  So here is the rue, also going is melissa, basil, strawberry, calendula, tansy, pinks, rosemary and sage.  Provided of course that they survive the potting up they got today.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fence and Water

Fence:  did some more work on the fence last week.  Posts were put in last year, assisted by Robert the Artificer and his machine, (dang that thing made a post hole in under two minutes) with welded wire stretched between, 8' high.  Some of the rails went in at that time, but a few of them are just enough over 10' to warrant longer boards.

Two sections now have this.  the bottom rails are plastic decking material, because they will be in contact with the earth.  So at least three sections are ready for the infill, which is coming at least partially from the drainage ditch by the new chickenhouse.

Next i've got to design and build a proper gate.  I do like the one on the front of Sylvia Landsberg's Medieval Gardens book.

Water:   an hour under the sprinkler barely dampened below the surface, so the water's been on for two now.  It is better to water every other day for two hours than once a day for one.

Oh, and the first two cucumbers were picked yesterday, and the first tomato should be perfect tomorrow!

New Chickenhouse

technically this is #3, but the second one was only temporary and has since been dismantled

the view from the house.  Here you can see the ditch leading away from the house

and here the ditch is filled in, there's still some dirt left to move, and that's the relevance to this blog.