Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fourth flat

20 cells of colewort. Three plants survived the winter.


The sweet pea sprouted
And lupine too
The first daffodils are opening
Winter is finally through

Use age of pollard

So the pillar des tree makes nice bundle of straight sticks. Hundreds of household uses!


Time to trim the pollard...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New baseboard

So here we see some new base board, this will provide a nice finished look, and defense against the machine.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Context of texture

Woodworking posts will be winding down now that warm weather waxes once again. But this is one. The goblet box I just finished recently has three different textures, the top is very smooth, the sides have some shallow scoopings from the plane, and the bottom is fairly rough.

Christopher Schwarz has been making some medieval furniture lately, including a fairly common trestle table (which I wasn't aware of when making mine, which is a slightly different type). And he has this post about the textures of finished surfaces:

So this gives a context to texture that I rather agree with. There is more alliteration here though.

New raised bed edging

Made of old split-rail fence

Outside has plastic wood deckin to defend against the string timers if the landscapers

The sloped ends of the rails are removed with two cuts offset from eac other then a blow if the commander. This then meets the end of the previous rail, and the cutoff then can be kept as a glut or used by driving into the earth as a support