Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Lavender asparagus and fennel and leek

There be lavender up by the house, and out in the big garden. Asparagus by the house nearest the old stump that's been serving as the fire pit for the last few years, and by the far vent of the greenhouse. The asparagus my mom gave me last year has not yet broke the surface. The leeks are in the main garden near the others. The fennel reseeds itself and goes deep, so I put it out in the woods where it can fend for itself. If the deer like licorice they are in for a treat, otherwise I might be in trouble!

This i put in the woods, it's a lovely plant really but it reseeds itself vigorously (or at least it did so at Merlinia's) and it's root is just huge.

Leeks old and new:
and here is where the rest of the asparagus got put, out by the greenhouse:

Oh and while I was out there I found a clump of horsetail, or scouring rush, which I thought had not made it, so that was a nice surprise

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