Thursday, April 18, 2013


Now the greatest variety of daffodils are out. Some are almost spent, and a few have yet to bloom

See also

across the road, long cup

nearside road, space between petals

across the road from the barn, these had been in the trailer park

poetticus, near barn

getting old now, large cup

more with that wide spaced petals (not the correct term)

Big white overlapping saucers for bright yello cups, path from door to lawn

below the azaleas

near the deck stairs

the box elder tree round

more by the box elder tree.

in the garden proper, these came from Adams st, with the strawberries

perimiter plantings of my grandmother's, from Kearney, NJ

some surprises from Kearney, perimeter planting

Unusual doubles, not medieval, but interesting.  These were here when we bought the place.

under the privet, passed the rubbish house

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