Monday, September 17, 2012


So here's the repairs to the fence. 
The center post is the one that got ripped out by the floodwaters.  But the post is set, the wire strung and all closed up tight.  Some of the boards you see on the ground have been mounted, but i'v put off a couple while i plan the gate.  it was going to be here, to the right of center, but with the way the flooding has been that's not always a good spot to be entering, so i'm thinking it will go down the left a bit, between the second and third post. 

The gate is certainly something that needs work, and i've been thinking about it stylistically.

This 15th cen french illumination from the Roman de la Rose does demonstrate many key features of medieval gardens, the fount, the walls, two types of fencing and a stone wall, turftopped benches, raised beds, etc, but i'm not too fond of the shape of the gate, though the idea of a tall gate in a shorter fence will be the look i'm going for.

This however is a delight. 

 I like how it echos the architecture of the period.  Stylistically this seems more 'medieval' to me than the previous picture.  What do you think?

oh, and bonus points if you know what the title of this blog is from (without consulting the oracle Google)

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