Monday, September 10, 2012


The deer have breached my defense.
Last weekend, or the one before that rather, i reset the post which was upset by Irene (the hurricane, not my dear neighbor)  As I was not about to put tight wire to an unhardened post, i just kind of bunched up a lot of old fencing, and my deer neighbors were able to get in fairly easily.  So i tighened that up a bit, which seemed to work.

except, now they knew where the cookie jar was....

they found another say in (admitedly another weak point in the fence design, or more accurately the gate design.  Or rather where the gate should be...)

but now it's all buttoned up again.  the beans will recover, the lone charentais melon is completely eaten, the corn is still ok, i'm not sure if the pumpkin will recover.  the skirrets seem untouched....

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