Sunday, April 8, 2012


So this is what I have left over from previous seasons, some of it saved, some purchased.  (in the order they are jammed into the box)

white sage (not medieval)
yellow scallop squash
collards - set out today in flat 12-2A
calendula - not really, the blasted envelope is empty!
chard, rhubarb - set out today in flat 12-1C
beet, crapaudine - set out today in flat 12-2B+C
spinach, bloomsdale
chard, fordhook
chard, vulcan - set out today in flat 12-1D
beet chioggia - set out today in flat 12-2D The seed capsules for this beet are much smaller than the crapaudine, or even the chards, to which beet is related.
carrot, dragon
carrot, lunar white
pea, green arrow
lettuce, tennis ball
melon, charentais (saved)
acorn squash, nivison
black currant - set out today in flat 12-1A
lavender - set out today in flat 12-1B
unknown ornamental grass
unknown flower A
unknown flower B
morning glory blue
morning glory purple
unknown flower 2008
unknown flower lucy
johnny jump up
love in a mist

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