Monday, April 24, 2017


Probably the last woodworking project for the summer, the garden needs attention.

First of this sort of chest. You might have seen it, partially assembled, at Birka. A very interesting build, lots of hand cut mortises. didnt want to invest in a plank for the lid, so using a piece of plywood to get the mechanics of the lid down. There's a few flaws. The lid hinge pins aren't quite lined up, and the back bows a little, enough to interfere with the lid. Really need meatier planks back there. Relish is fine on hot dogs, not in woodworking. And it's not square so it doesn't sit flat. Not that big a deal because the floor isn't very flat either. A real problem though is the bottom panels tend to drop out. They are half-lapped onto each other, but one of them reverses the half-lap so it can come out. I'm not sure if they are too short or I the sides bow out too much.

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