Saturday, April 4, 2015


so, i finally got to sowing some seeds.  two trays so far.  the number is how many compartments in the tray.  this was this week, though i don't remember exactly.  wednesday perhaps?
first tray:
10  charentais melon
5  skirrits
15  round tomato
10  lupine
4  sweet pea
6  petit gris melon

second tray:
6  'flower2008'
6  'b flower'
12 lucy flower (larkspur)
6 foxglove
6 'a flower'
6 unknown, tiny round, like radish but smaller
6 black currant
12 pole bean
12 chard

Third tray(today)
10. Dyers turnsole
20. Sugar snap peas
10. Nivison acorn squash

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