Thursday, August 16, 2012


So many things which i planned did not come to be:

calendula - difficulty in transplanting for pennsic cost most of these.
chard  - cut off at soil level, one plant hanging on, one regrowing from the root
chervil  - can't even tell where this was.
cucumber - looking a bit piqued, but still getting fruit from it.
foxglove  - had lovely flowers for a bit but it is no longer with us.
hens&chicks - doing well, lots of chicks
hollyhock - put out some nice flowers, but gave up the ghost
lavender grosso - this one is doing ok.
lettuce green ice - gone to seed
lettuce green towers - gone to seed
lettuce mesclun mix - gone to seed
meadowsweet - hanging on but doesn't look too good
parsley  - poor thing never stood a chance
rocket  - gone to seed
savory summer - doing well, about to go to seed
shallot  - This did well, i harvested them yesterday.  Will have a pic soon.
skirret  - doing well, as far as i can tell.  Don't know when to harvest...
squash summer - july did this guy in, we did get fruit off it though.
st john's wort - couldn't take the heat
strawberry - doing well, lots of flowers
strawberry blite - dried up in the july heat
thyme english - died in july as well.
tomato better boy - slow to ripen, but looking ok...
tomato cherokee black - big fat tomatos that something has been eating.
tomato sweet bell pepper - leaves wilted and plants died.
however, the new world plants are doing great.  What I thought was acorn squash is in fact pumpkins, and the corn is doing well also.

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