Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Charentais - old french melon

My first attempt with these was in 2010 and while the seeds did sprout, conditions here were not to the likeing of these vines and so success was completely avoided.  However I tried again this passed season, with greater luck, and behold the fruits of that labor!  Conditions were still not optimal, and I am quite sure they weren't fully ripe.  The flavor of these is rumored to be exquisite, and these were a bit flat.  But they are small and round, perfect for two.

As to the age of this particular variety, I have no firm information at this time.  Seed catalogs aer often.. createive.. in what they say about a variety to entice buyers, so I don't place a lot of stock in what they say.  This coming year i'm looking at this and also the petit gris de rennes, which is also an 'old' variety.

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